Taking back the pen 

It’s been a while since the last post, but it has not been a quiet around me at all. In a few weeks it’s back behind the pen and the mike. In addition a project dear to me, where I’m working as a consultant, is shaping up to be one of my favorite projects so far and I can’t wait for you to hear this multi-talented artists from New York. That’s all I’m going to say now. Made new and inspiring friends along the way and got back together with some beloved artist. So stay tuned. 
Much Love


Deep Grounder & Jiameé - "Inside / Outside" - Out now! 

Deep Grounder is composed by two of Switzerland's most beloved DJ's. We are talking about Urs Diethelm und Ralph Grieco, who relentlessly shape the swiss club scene since the 80s. Successful party lables, productions, compilations or worldwide bookings, there is nothing those two DJ's couldn't conquer. Together with italian singer/songwriter Jiameé, who has already written for many Swiss and international artists, they deliver a track that has that summer-hit factor. 


Their creation is called „Inside /…

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New tracks feat. Jaimeé coming soon 

It's been a while since Jiameé took a stand behind the mike in the recording booth.

But lately he's been quite busy recording for Minus 8 or Deep Grounder. 

Three new tracks will be released soon and one has already been released past April: 

- Minus 8 feat. Billie/Jiameé - Hotel California (part 2) (A cover of the Eagles 1977 Hit "Hotel California")

- And And & Jiameé - My heart is gone

- Deep Grounder feat. Jaimeé - Outside/Inside

- Deep Grounder feat. Jaimeé - I got you baby (released back in April…

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