JIAMEÉ - Singer/Songwriter

Jiameé, born G.-M. Esposito, saw the light of day on September 19th, 1978 in Zürich, Switzerland. Both parents are Italian immigrants originally from Naples (Napoli), Italy. He discovered his love for music at a very young age, when he gained access to the vinyl-collection of his older brother. Inspired by Singer/Songwriters such as Tracy Chapman, Zucchero, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell and so many others, he started to spend his monthly allowance exclusively for music.

He gained his first singing experiences when he joined his hometown church-choir “Voci Bianche”. He then took private lessons in Soul/Gospel, where he was introduced to evergreens by Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Yolanda Adams just to name a few.

He wasn’t the best @ school but when it came to essays he would always write the most exiting and interesting stories. Sometimes a little morbid and maybe sometimes even a little disturbing, but he always received good grades in that school subject. 

Swiss DJ-legend and entrepreneur, Leon Klein, discovers the young songwriter when he accidentally called Jiameé’s cousins answering machine, where Jiameé spoke the voice-message. Enthusiastic about what he had heard, Mr. Klein entrusted him to write the lyrics for a very important job. House-Legend Bryan Chambers (Cleptomaniacs – „All I do“) delivered the vocals to what became his first official work, released as EDX & Leon Klein feat. Bryan Chambers - “U don’t want my love”. The track was later remixed by Claudio Mangione.

Jiameé started working as product manager at Leonardo’s independent Label "Magnifique Music" and simultaneously worked on some demos with Jan Elmer, who had his own commercial success in Switzerland as Jaro. Together they recorded many demos, which most of were sung by Valerie, aka Evelyne Zangger, who at the time was part of the first successful Swiss-girl-group “Tears”. Valerie delivered the vocals to his second work called; EDX & Leon Klein feat. EVE – “Let the music play”.

2006 he meets an old friend; Diamá (aka Claudia D’Addio). They were both in the same church-choir as children. Claudia returned from her time on the tv-talent-show “Musicstar”; the Swiss equivalent of “American Idol”, where she made the top three. At the time she desperately needed some lyrics for two songs, because she had just been accepted to represent Switzerland at the 2006 Eurovision Song contest. She was part of the Group Six4One, consisting of; Andreas Lundstedt from the acclaimed dance-group Alcazar (Sweden), Marco Matias from Germany, Bosnian superstar Tinka Milinovic, Keith Camilleri (Malta) and Liel (Israel). Together with Claudia he wrote “Identità” produced by Yann Rouiller and Marc Sway and “U can’t stop me” produced by Pele Loriano (Sina  etc.). Both songs made the cut for the Six4One Album “Six4One – The Album” and were re-recorded at the legendary “Olympia Studios” in Munich (Germany) owned by Mr. Eurovision himself, Ralph Siegel.

It didn’t take long until Jiameé was called back to Munich by Ralph Siegel, who asked him do write the lyrics for two Mozart compositions that never have had lyrics before. Jiameé decided to work with Maria-Grazia Basile, a good friend of his, who studied Italian language and Literature at the University of Zurich. Together they decided to write both track traditionally in old-Italian. “Piano Concert Nr. 21 in c major” became “Vivrò per te” and “Symphony No. 40” became “Bocca di foco”. Both tracks made the cut for “Mozart Premiere”, debut-album of Ralph Siegel’s, wife and brilliant Opera singer, Kriemhild Maria Siegel.

In 2007 he was asked to work on the debut-album of She-DJ/Model Tanja La Croix (aka Tanja Wettach). For her he wrote “D.N.A (Don’t need anything)” and “Wet”. Both songs featured vocals by Claudia D’Addio. He also wrote “Catwalk (feat. Sophie Kalt)“ and „Save me“ which he sang himself.

For Mr. Ficiton he wrote and delivered the vocals for „U can’t keep it on (G-String)”, that then became the official hymn for the 2007 Sony Ibiza Session tour & compilation. For that particular song, they also made a video that features Mr. Fiction and Swiss-supermodel Xenia Tchoumitcheva dancing on a beach in Italy. The video got heavy-rotation on Swiss music-channel Viva.

Up until today he worked with many DJ’s & Artists and even co-produced remixes under different aliases. Among the remixed artists; International LGBT-Icon Ari Gold and Guy B. an incredible Singer/Songwriter from L.A.

Songwriting credits go from Italian Superstar Antonino Spadaccino to the incomparable voice of Shoshana Bean, 90’s Dance Legend Franca Morgano, New York shooting star Adam Joseph, Nick Snickler from Poland,  and many more. His songwriting credits with DJ’s are: Leon Klein, Fourfunty, Tanja La Croix, Mr. Fiction, DJ Energy, Angel O., Tatana, DJ Branco P., Juiceppe, Maffi J., StereoFish, DJ K-Skill, Pat Farell, Costa Martinez, Glitzerhaus, Chris Reece and many more.

His biggest project at the moment is debut album of his longtime friend Claudia D’Addio who changed her name to „Diamá“ to honor the loss of her childhood friend. Diamá has become his muse and they have written all of her songs together as well as many of their projects. The album will consist of 12 songs and will show the real skills of both artists.

Stay Tuned.