New tracks feat. Jaimeé coming soon

It's been a while since Jiameé took a stand behind the mike in the recording booth.

But lately he's been quite busy recording for Minus 8 or Deep Grounder. 

Three new tracks will be released soon and one has already been released past April: 

- Minus 8 feat. Billie/Jiameé - Hotel California (part 2) (A cover of the Eagles 1977 Hit "Hotel California")

- And And & Jiameé - My heart is gone

- Deep Grounder feat. Jaimeé - Outside/Inside

- Deep Grounder feat. Jaimeé - I got you baby (released back in April 2015) 

In other projects Jiameé is joining forces with Mrs. Dragqueen Switzerland 2009, Jazzmin Dian Moore. Together they are writing the video concept for Diamá's fifth music video "Calling all Angels" off her debut album "We're not done". The concept will include Diamá only in the intro of the video (already shot months ago) - more details will follow soon. 



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